I lived in massachusetts for 10 years where they require recycling of bottles by making you pay a fee for each bottle you buy. They also have recycle machines right at the grocery store where you can return these bottles and receive a ticket to redeem the money with your next purchase. Very convenient. When one knows she is going to do the shopping you just be certain to put your glass and cans in the car so you can get your redemption ticket for the amount of the recycles.

    I am very happy California recycles but the consumer is paying at the grocers and then putting then in the recycle bins and never getting credit for those glass and cans you purchased. It doesn’t seem quite fair to me. I tried to recycle when I first came back to CA but the recycle place is so far away and the amounts I recycled were so minor that they gave me the cash but what a hassle.

    Why don’t Safeway and Whole foods and other grocery stores have the machines to recycle at the source? Just saying!

That’s the title on the instructions for this blog site and so I thought a very apt title for my first blog. I am not a professional writer so I will blog about things that go through my head every day. Things that make me wonder , things that really irritate me ( maybe I will find them frivolous once I put onto paper) and things that impress me about others so much that they become my heroes.

I do find others blogs very interesting and so maybe you will find interest in what I have to say too.

I have a couple of complaints to get off my chest right away. First: the “How to open” instructions on boxes of cereal, soap powder, rice, quinoa etc. It usually says press in and lift up. I can’t even seem to get started with the press in instructions. I press in and press in and press in and the box collapses in but the tab doesn’t go in. SOOO the lift up instruction is useless. Do you know what I’m saying? AS I’ve aged even opening a twist off top is a challenge. Maybe because I have thumb rings. My hand turns around but the top stays nicely closed. I tell you I feel better already just putting this down on paper. Its like the father in Love In a Cold Climate who writes a persons name down on paper and then puts it in a locked drawer of his desk if he is angry at that person. Satisfaction!

Second:  I buy a nectarine and I used to score it all around the diameter to the pit and then twist and the fruit came cleanly away from the pit. Not anymore! Even if I eat one like an apple there is this mass of fruit that clings to the pit leaving your hands all juicy and you feel as if you are missing some of the fruit. Does this bother anyone else out there?

I think that is all for my first blog but I will try to be more positive on my next attempt. I really do feel better though!